Wireless Weather Station Reviews

  • La Crosse Technology WS-7014CH Wireless Weather Station

This wireless weather station is perfect for areas that need constant monitoring of temperature. The product records humidity levels as well as indoor and remote temperatures. The WS-7014CH is capable of recording with three remote sensors.

This station also forecasts weather conditions based upon the changes in air pressure. It has a forecast accuracy level of approximately 75 percent at twelve to twenty hours.

The data for the clock comes directly from the United States Atomic Clock in Colorado. The unit stores high and low daily temperatures.

Wireless Weather Station ReviewsThe station is relatively inexpensive and very easy to set up. It comes with one remote sensor to be installed outdoors. The base unit records the data indoors. The unit works well for the average home weather station.

  • Oregon Scientific WMR100 Professional Wireless Weather Station

Although this unit is advertised as a professional WWS, it is easy enough for the average person to set up and utilize. The clock is automatically set according to the US Atomic Clock and adjusts without assistance to Daylight Savings Time. The WMR100 measures temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and reports the UV index.

The anemometer is very accurate and records even the slightest amount of wind. Even if the sensor is in direct sunlight, the temperature readings are right on the money. The LCD display on the base unit is easy to see and has a bright backlight and the data reads clearly. The base must be plugged into an electrical outlet but the sensors are wireless. The batteries seem to last a long time.

This is a great unit for anyone wishing to have their own WW Station. It costs about $150 and is well worth the price. It is a very accurate measurement system.

  • Smart Weather Wireless Weather Station

The Smart Weather WWS is a great system that costs little money. For around thirty bucks, you get the base and one wireless sensor to install outdoors. It records the temperatures both outdoors and indoors at the base. It informs the owner of the barometric pressure, has a calendar and accurate clock, alarm, records humidity and will provide a weather forecast for up to 24 hours.

This is a great little unit for the money. It provides the information that most people need and want. It is easy to set up and takes little time to do so. This WWS is accurate and cost-effective.

  • M Wireless Weather Station by Maverick

This truly is a full feature Wireless WS that gives you a ton of features for around eighty-five dollars. Some of the features include both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity levels, barometer, hygrometer, moon phases, calendar, clock, sunrise and sunset data and weather forecasts.

It is important to use high quality batteries in both the base and outdoor units. Cheap batteries will need to be replaced in about one week when good brand name batteries will last nearly three months.  Because there are so many features on this WWS, cheap batteries will not give you accurate readings anyway. Spending a little more on good batteries will ensure that you receive accurate data continually.

There are hundreds of different wireless weather station systems on the market today. Some are exceptional and some, quite frankly aren’t worth a dime. The key to finding the WWS unit that is right for you is to do a lot of research. Those listed here are only the tip of the iceberg regarding high quality systems that work well for the buyer. Be sure that the product purchased has all of the features you need to stay on top of weather changes around your home.